1. After reading Appeal for Human Rights (Roselyn Pope- Atlanta Student Movement- 1960) and New Appeal for Human Rights (Freedom University- 2017)- name two common factors in the struggle of immi

1.  After reading “Appeal for Human Rights” (Roselyn Pope, Atlanta Student Movement, 1960) and “New Appeal for Human Rights” (Freedom University, 2017), name two common factors in the struggle of immigrants/undocumented people and the African American struggle for civil rights. Include (and correctly integrate/punctuate) one key quote and cite the page number (MLA form for internal citations). (10 points)

2. After watching the two videos that feature Charles Black, what is your reaction his perspective on the issue stated above and his collaboration with Freedom University? (5 points)

3. What foreign powers occupied Vietnam in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?  Why did the U.S. briefly express the support for Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese independence in 1945 and then declare war a decade later? (5 points)