The Sin of Suicide and Euthanasia

Reflect on the analysis of the sin of suicide and, thus, euthanasia from the topic readings. Do you agree? Why or why not? Refer to the lecture and topic readings in your response


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Reflect On the Analysis of The Sin of Suicide And, Thus, Euthanasia from The Topic Readings. Do You Agree? Why Or Why Not?

Suicide and euthanasia are scandalous topics for most characters, even clinicians. Religious beliefs have a big effect on how people perceive them. According to Meilaender, God is the real author, while humanity is the main character. It is not up to us, characters, to change our fortunes or put our narrative to an end but God (Olson, 2021). As a consequence, contemplating suicide is out of the question. He also asserted that depressed individuals aren’t held morally culpable for suicide since they aren’t competent agents piqued my interest. According to Olson (2021), euthanasia is ethically wrong from a religious standpoint since it is in the Christian ethos to foster care rather than relieve suffering.

Suicide and euthanasia, in my opinion, should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Patients suffering from a severe disease or terminally sick should be free to terminate their lives on their terms (Dierickx et al., 2018). People struggling with mental health issues should be medicated to assist them in managing their condition and, ideally, achieve happiness. My mother once asked me whether I would assist her to die if she were terminally sick or incapacitated. It was a complicated topic to discuss. However, I understand the desire to die is to alleviate pain. It breaks my heart, especially when teenagers commit suicide due to harassment or assault. These youngsters deserve positive reinforcement and compassion. They must recognize that suicide is not the only solution. Nonjudgmental support is vital for anybody having suicidal thoughts. Individuals must have confidence in us as healthcare providers to open up and share their true feelings.



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