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Reflection: “A Hard Day” film.

In my opinion, "A Hard Day" is a unique film from others produced in South Korea. The film is amazingly full of fun and fear. The film employs suspense and comedy from the beginning that keeps the audience stuck on what will happen next. In the beginning, the protagonist or Starring of in the film, Go Geon-soo, receives a phone call from his colleges to get to the station because police from internal affairs have come to investigate (Seong-Hun). Go leaves his mother’s funeral because he understands that he is dirty and might find himself in trouble if the officers discover his activities from evidence on his desk. Go’s decision to hide the body of a man he hits on his way to the station in his car’s trunk further reveals his dirty cop behavior. Suspense in the film grows immensely as Go nears being nailed for his misconduct, but manages to escape (Seung-Hun). However, Go’s continues to find himself in more trouble. He must use any available avenue to rescue himself, which is hilarious and keeps one glued to the screen, trying to figure out what will happen next.

The film is also unique due to its application of creativity that, in my opinion, is not common in a majority of crime films which tends to complicate issues in the film but keeps the audiences interested in knowing what is going to take place. For instance, after arriving at the station, Go discovers that the body of the guy he hit that is in his trunk is wanted for several serious crimes, including murder (Seong-Hun). At this point, he is confused because he does not know what to do, but to ensure he does not also become a criminal, he opts to join his colleagues in searching for someone he has already killed. However, just before finishing processing about the best move to make, he has to deal with the blackmail of someone who knows what he has done.

I find the movie a combination of tight close-ups aimed at raising tension and making the film attractive. Nothing fully ends before something else starts making it impossible even for a viewer to predict the end or what will take place next. Moreover, the protagonist manages to keep the audience engaged by showing how he is lost in the world he created for himself. The pace of the film and events make him frazzled and confused, and he is not in complete control of any situation even that he creates on his own. The film’s pace makes it popularly known as a Propulsive Thriller, where one does not even have time to reason or ask questions but to follow up on the fun. The pace also encourages a sense of urgency despite being absent; viewers easily get lost in the chaos and action.

Apart from the fun, the film director, Mr. Kim, manages to paint the modern world through the film. The film captures falling, businesses and corrupt law enforcement, which is not just a case in Korea but many other countries worldwide. He shows the negative impact on the individuals and the community the need to address the problem. Kim raises concern about engagement of police officers in corruption which can get in the way of their essential role in the community. 

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