A Progressive Paradox and A War to End All Wars Essay

"A Progressive Paradox" and "A War to End All Wars."


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DuBois saw Washington’s philosophy to be more focused on economic and material wealth and not the issue of freedom that was the most significant problem African Americans were facing. He felt that his philosophy would continue to make African Americans inferior to the white people; therefore, it was not practical and beneficial (American Yawp., 2021). According to DuBois, true and proper basis for African American progress can only be achieved by what Washington was giving up that is political power, civil right, and higher education for African American youths. Though much had to be done to accomplish it, DuBois’s position and argument were realistic at the time because it focused on what the Black people needed to be free. DuBois was a Progressive even though he did not receive a lot of help from white Progressives (American Yawp., 2021). The main reason for this was the fact that his ideas were too revolutionary and, to some extent, were aimed at positioning the African American community at the same level as that of the white community. African Americans have managed to fight for equal rights and treatments through DuBois’s concept of revolting and engaging in peaceful protests.

According to President Woodrow Wilson, it was important for the United States to fight Germany due to the massive loss of lives of innocent Americans and citizens of neutral countries and massive property damage due to the sinking of American vessels by German submarines (American Yawp., 1918). Wilson was convinced that fighting Germany would only be to do what is right, advocating for human rights and not for revenge or demonstration of their might as a nation. According to many people, Wilson’s crusade and the United States mission on global warfare has not been for peace and justice but dominance and control. This is explained by the development of the military-industrial complex (American Yawp. , 1918). Wilson’s war and war against communism by the United States made the country more democratic and helped in adopting democracy in other parts of the world. In my opinion, American attitudes towards intervening in overseas conflicts have significantly changed since World War 1 as many Americans see it as necessary, especially with the rise of terrorism.


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