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Abortion is a tough and controversial issue that attracts different opinions from both secular and non-secular sides. From a religious point of view, abortion is considered as a crime, whereas, from the secular side, abortion is believed to be an individual’s choice based on various factors. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. Life is considered precious, which is why people should respect it. From the Christian lens, abortion is viewed as a sin that should not be legalized because its legalization will be allowing people to murder innocent children openly and is considered an infringement of the unborn child’s rights.


Christians argue that permitting abortion will be allowing people to murder innocent children openly. According to the scriptures, God is the giver of life and the only one allowed to take away life. No human being should be allowed such powers to decide who gets to live and die. In the Ten Commandments, one of them urges believers or humanity to preserve life by clarifying that killing is a sin (Stensvold, 2015). Committing abortion is denying an unborn child the chance to live, and this before God is a sin and defiance and disobedience of God’s command for humanity. Additionally, during the creation story, one of the blessings humans were given was multiplication and filling the earth. This blessing was repeated after the great flood where Noah and his people were blessed to multiply and refill the world. Such indicates that abortion is not and should not be legalized because it goes against the need for procreation identified in the scriptures.

Furthermore, abortion is considered an infringement of the unborn child’s rights, as noted by Pistone et al. (2017). Therefore, no individual should have the right to kill, irrespective of whether it is an unborn child or a living child. Allowing abortion will be giving people, Godly powers such that they have the authority to determine who should live and who should die. Everyone has the right to live, which is stressed by the commandment that requires people to respect life and not kill. In the Bible, people died out of different circumstances and not abortion. This demonstrates that abortion is not allowed for if it were allowed, it would have been practiced since the Bible avails directions for how people should live. The right to life is stressed in the Bible by God’s decision where He says He will never kill people through floods. Had God, not considered life to be precious, He would not have put an end to His actions of killing people for their sinful nature. This shows that abortion is a sin because everyone should be granted the chance to live, which is argued in the constitution. 


Abortion should be legalized, but only to some extent. Subsequently, this will help mitigate the risks that those who abort face by doing it illegally since they will have the chance to visit the doctors for surgery or medications. People are more prone to breaking laws than adhering to them, and as such, by legalizing abortion, the many incidences of illegal abortion could potentially decrease. According to Joffe (2019), women should be allowed to commit abortion as their choice is based on whether they are ready to keep the baby and whether they can emotionally support the baby. Some women will get pregnant out of their sheer will, and it is such women that should be allowed to keep their babies. Others are victims of rape, and having such babies would be a constant reminder of the pain they endured at the time, resulting in the children suffering once they are born. To avoid such, abortion should be legalized, a stand whose supporters are individuals from the secular side.


From the Christian perspective, abortions should never be legalized because it is a sin that results in murdering an innocent child and infringement of their rights. Everyone has a right to live, which is stressed by the commandment prohibiting people from killing other people. Abortion is an act of killing since it denies a child the right to live. None should have the power to determine who lives and how deserves to die, and abortion seems to grant women and doctors such power. Therefore, abortion should never be legalized.


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