Abrahams appeal in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Essay

Abraham’s appeal in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.


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Option 1: Abraham as a potential source of unity.

Historians and religious scholars have identified Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as Abrahamic religions due to the role and place of Abraham in all of them. In Christianity, Abraham is considered to be a forefather through his son, Isaac, a great prophet and ancestor in Islam through his son Ismail and an ancestor of Judaism when he left Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, and settle in Palestine. In this promised land, Jews would establish Israel (Reynolds, 2019). This relationship which many believers in these three religions have agreed to, shows that the beliefs are connected, hence no reason to hate or conflict. The connection will ensure unity that will be important in dealing with hatred and violence due to religious differences. This view is better than the other two because it focuses on how religious knowledge can bring unity and help in dealing with real-world problems that have caused a lot of devastation to the human race.

The other two options are not based on evidence that connects all the three religions, limiting their application towards dealing with issues relating to all the religions. For instance, Muslims might be opposed to the view of Abraham as a forefather due to the rivalry between Isaac and Ismail, considering he is said to have loved Isaac more than Ismail. The ideological appeal might also not be significant to the three religions, primarily due to its non-spiritual view. Christians accord a lot of respect, and the use of Abraham as just a symbol might be offensive and divisive. According to many Christians, Abraham went straight to heaven and is a close assistant to the Almighty. However, the two options can improve belief in Abraham, hence strengthening the idea of the three religions being Abrahamic religions.


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