Access to High Quality Early Childhood Education Program Essay

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Access to High-Quality Early Childhood Education Program

Childcare services are relevant and required in both the state of New York and New Jersey. More child services are required in New York as compared to New Jersey. This is because the number of children living in poverty in New York is higher than in New Jersey. With more child services in New York, more children will benefit, thus, reducing the level of poverty within the state. The childcare services in New Jersey have effectively reduced the number of children living in poverty by addressing their needs. Considering healthcare services in both states, the number is higher in New York than in New Jersey. This can be attributed to the number of children living in poverty in New York. Because of the high number of children in poverty, the number of uninsured is higher than in New Jersey, whose number of children living in poverty is lower. The higher the level of poverty, the higher the number of people without health insurance. New York is also leading in the number of children enrolled for Medicaid. Because of its high population, it is only fair that more children receive childcare services when compared to New Jersey. New York has a higher population than New Jersey. This explains the high number of enrollment of children in state-funded preschools. The childcare services in New York are offering their services to more children as compared to New Jersey.

Families can access quality childcare through searching for and utilizing information concerning childcare within the community. Every childcare will often have information all over the community and is well identified. Such information can help families access quality childcare. Another strategy is visiting the childcare and asking questions (“Five Steps To Choosing Care.”). This can help families decide whether the childcare offers high-quality services.

Families can use organizations such as Head Start and Child Care Service Association to identify quality care.

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