Arab colonization of Africa Paper

I don’t agree with Father K that Arabs Americans need to represent themselves politically. I believe another candidate can best serve them in the context of politics. This is because there have been scenes in other countries across the world where Arabs have been involved in persecuting people of other religions. For example, in Egypt, Christians were subjected to torture due to the Arabic domination of the country Arab colonization of Africa Paper. In this context, the Arabs saw themselves as being superior to all other races and wanted Muslim their religion as the only recognized denomination. Having an Arab American political leader, therefore, is a risk to other faiths because Arabs do tend to be selfish and hugely centered to their interests at the expense of other races.

Arab Americans are not well positioned to represent others outside of their ethnic community. This is because they are solely focused on their interests and will not consider other people during their political representation. Also, Arabs tend to be associated with immoral acts such as war, bombing, and believing in the supremacy of their Muslim religion. Being in leadership will mean they give an economic social and economic interest to their own Arabs at the expense of the other ethnic diversity in the American context Arab colonization of Africa Paper. In many scenarios, Arabs in more than 16 countries of the world, including Egypt and Palestine, have been involved in attacks and other activities related to human torture. In the past months, for instance, Christians were subjected to persecution and torture in Egypt by the political majority. These points towards the kind of leadership expected when Arab American leadership is in place.