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The article American Arabs

and Political Participation by Strum highlights the journey of the Arab Americans towards politics. In the article, the author explores how the Arab Americans have been involved in politics showing their trends over the year. Additionally, the author elaborates on the motivational issues that have consistently led the Arab Americans to involve themselves in politics as well as the underlying challenges that hinder their political empowerment. In the article Palestine, Arab Americans, and the Movements of the Sixties Pamela Pennock explores the radical activism of the Arab Americans and how the protests helped exemplify their political ambitions Arabs Politics paper. The authors explain the different methods used by the Arab Americans in their quest to draw a connection between the ongoing conflicts in their world as well as the existing injustices in America. The article Activists, Allies, and Their Fight against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s–1980s by Pamela Pennock explains more about the marginalization of the Arab American community and how the era beginning 1960 played a crucial role in their political consciousness. Furthermore, the author explores how this period saw Arab Americans engage in activism, which impacted them politically. The article Toward Electability by Abdulkader Sinno shows how the Arab Americans as and the Muslim Americans have continuously been underrepresented politically, especially in the greater Detroit area. Additionally, the author explores some of the factors influencing their underrepresentation.

The main method of research used by the authors is a case study. Case study research methodology is mostly applied in life and social sciences Arabs Politics paper .Usually, it is not only a descriptive but also an explanatory analysis of a certain phenomenon, which may be an event, group, or individual and which existed at a particular time. Moreover, a case study explores a scenario within its real-life context. Considering all the articles, the authors have explored the case of the Arab Americans and their journey towards political empowerment. Also, it is evident from all the articles how the authors have critically analyzed and explained in details concerning the events that have surrounded the Arab Americans, including their challenges and activism.

The primary point of convergence of the articles is that they all investigate the theme of Arab American rise to politics, the challenges involved, and the motivation behind their political involvement. By studying the issues facing Arab Americans, the authors manage to show how discrimination has played a crucial role in ensuring that they are locked out of the political world. Nevertheless, activism especially between 1960s and 1970s is deemed to have significantly helped the Arab Americans develop political consciousness and thus, enabling them to take part in political addition, the authors explore how the Arab Americans have formed various alliances, especially with the non-Arab activist groups, which marked the beginning of their inclusivity in the political culture of American resistant communities.

Exploring these articles is not only informative but also gives an individual greater insight into the Arab American community and their rise to the political arena Arabs Politics paper .The author each explores the struggle that the Arab Americans have gone through as they try to engage in political activities. According to this article, Arab Americans are people who have always had a problem with the political arena of the Americans. Notably, Arab Americans have consistently been underrepresented even in areas where they account for the highest population. It is evident that Arab Americans have faced difficulties in their quest for political representation. Also, activism has played a significant role in this community.

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