Assignment 3: Instructor Log

Assignment 3: Instructor LogAssignment 3: Instructor Log

By Day 7 of Week 4

Complete the second section of the template provided based on the interactions you have had with students in this module.

Write a short update for each, highlighting what you have learned about him or her, and note any strategies you have in mind to best help him or she succeed in your course. Also, fill out the second section for your program director. Take note of any lessons learned and strategies to ensure positive interactions in the future.

Submit to the Instructor Log assignment link.


Additional Information

Group works provide learners with a platform to share knowledge, enhance analytical skills, evaluate and solve problems, and learn to work in teams. In an online scenario, the same can be applied through meaningful group work assignments. Coordination of the team project is vital as an online group faces the challenge of distance, communication, different student character, shifting schedules, trust and accountability.

What I have learned from the course is that group projects need to be small to facilitate discussions and equal opportunity for each member to contribute. Each group member needs to have a role and a timeline that can be detailed in a project plan and to monitor progress and participation; the instructor can follow discussions in the group’s forum and be available when problems arise.

While synchronous communication such as live chats help the members be on the same page, some learners have complicated schedules, and asynchronous communication tools such as emails can be incorporated for them to respond at convenient time. Rather than to rely entirely on discussion threads, the group can schedule specific meetings at crucial stages within the project. Group projects can be challenging, but when managed and designed properly they lead to a satisfying learning experience.

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