Athletes New Game Plan Essay

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A New Game Plan

Athletes have been in the limelight for not only ethical reasons, but also bad reasons. Most of these wrong reasons are based on abuses committed by athletes. It has been a trend for a while, which has been normalized, making it look like the right thing to do as if athletes can get away with whatever they want. However, this is not so, so several schools and particularly coaches such as Miller have developed specific strategies. For example, Miller’s approach to athletics abuse is tough love. Nonetheless, several disciplinary tactics exist that can be used to show the high school athletes that use foul language or violence, among other issues, is unacceptable.

Other than the robust love approach uses by Miller, another approach to athletic abuse is the use of stringent measures on them. Developing policies that show the high school athletes are equal to the rest of the students can help eliminate unwarranted an unacceptable behavior. For example, suspension from not only the school, but also the games for a while can make the athletes learn a valuable lesson (Kerr and A. Stirling 24). The approach can be used for whatever they do, whether in the pitch or other areas. It is a way to encourage them to uphold morally upright behavior at all times.

The best way to approach other types of abuses, such as violence and sexual abuse, is to introduce stringent measures that involve the law. Notably, the law protects everyone, and nobody, including the athletes, is above the law. Those found guilty of their offenses should serve the appropriate sentence. Timpka (179) remarks that the policies developed for the athletes should be severe since these are individuals who serve as role models to many and who can easily influence others. Athletes should face measures such as complete elimination from the team. Considerably, such a measure would motivate them to act accordingly since they want to be a part of the team.

Strict measures should be introduced at the high school level for athletes to help mold them into better athletes who will create a new era. An array of approaches can make the athletes understand they cannot do bad things and walk away scot-free.

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