Attend a City Council Meeting.

Attend a City Council Meeting.


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The special group meeting was about the discussion of issues facing people within the community. Notably, special interest groups are concerned with different aspects of society that affect their well-being. During the meeting, people were granted the chance or platform to communicate and raise their issues Attend a City Council Meeting. The meeting was divided into two sections. The first session was where the community members participated by submitting the main points that affected them. As noted at the beginning of the meeting, community members were required to be brief but specific in their problems. Those who had experienced problems associated with the issues raised were explaining it and giving a rough idea of when they encountered the problem. The meeting was composed of various individuals within the community, including some of the leaders. The coordinators were the leaders and members of the special interest group.

During the meeting, one of the main issues of concern was insecurity. Insecurity within the local community has affected people in different ways. Where there is insecurity, people live uncomfortably and are anxious. One of the main points noted in the meeting was the lack of peace and how some businesses have been vandalized, and some households have stolen properties of valuable worth. Some community members raised multiple concerns as they demonstrated how bitter they were and especially those who had been victims. According to some of the local community members, the levels of insecurity had increased drastically, especially after the development of the pandemic Attend a City Council Meeting. The main issue highlighted during the meeting was the level of poverty caused by the loss of employment positions and the financial hardships linked to the pandemic. While addressing this issue, members of the special interest group denoted that it would be fundamental for the community members to collaborate with various agencies, including law enforcement agencies, that would help increase security. One of the leading solutions by the community members was the provision of additional security, especially during night times because most of these crimes took place at night. More patrols were required to help increase security. Furthermore, some members suggested that the unemployment benefits given to people who lost their jobs should be increased and availed to everyone who applies based on unemployment for the duration of the pandemic and its effects lasted. As part of their solution, the special interest group said they would advocate for the local and state government to boost security. They also stated that they would take forth the grievances of the community and the solutions provided by the community members Attend a City Council Meeting.

The issue of insecurity addressed during the meeting connects to the events happening currently. Due to the pandemic, people have suffered mainly due to economic hardships leading to unemployment. According to Quander(2021), although some types of crimes such as burglary have decreased due to the requirement by the government to have people stay indoors, some other types of crimes have spiked, such as killing, among other violent crimes. This has caused an upsurge in the level of insecurity within the community, which is why people should collaborate with relevant agencies to ensure they are safe while at home and in the streets. Insecurity is an issue that could potentially result in chaos within society, and advocacy efforts can help address awareness and push relevant authorities to take action and implement appropriate policies Attend a City Council Meeting.


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