Barbara Barnum Theory Review

Barbara Barnum Theory ReviewBarbara Barnum Theory Review

Conduct a literature search based on Barbara Barnum\’s discussion of the theory elements of content, context, and process. Pick one of these and discuss how it may be applied to your own practice.



Barbara Barnum Theory Review

Barbara Barnum’s theory is designed to incorporate an integral understanding of nursing theory (Dossey, 2015). It is concerned with the comprehensive and simultaneous approach to addressing the health and well-being of all the stakeholders in the healthcare industry (Kim, 2010).

These include addressing nurses’ concerns, the healthcare team’s concerns, patients’ concerns, families’ and communities’ concerns, as well as the overall healthcare system’s concerns. In doing so, the approach examines the content, context, as well as process components of a theory that results in its better understanding and application to practice.

The context component is an important attribute of understanding the integrated healing environment both at the interior and exterior levels. Specifically, this approach helps me significantly in my practice as a hospice registered nurse RN since it enhances my view of the reality and the symbolic connections of the patients under my care (Dossey, 2008).

This will ultimately help me to clearly understand the environment where I will be practicing, as well as how to act differently in response to the needs of each environment. Ideally, this will help me to an integralist, which is goal of the Barbara Barnum theory. Consequently, I will strive to be integrally informed, as well as to challenge myself with the aim of further developing an integral worldview of my practice in hospice care.

Essentially, through embracing the aspects of context component into my practice as a hospice RN will enable me to develop a shared experience with my patients. This will greatly help in promoting healing potentials for the patients, since it will enable me to make them to feel a sense of oneness, belongingness, and association in their healing journey (O’brien, 2013). Notably, this is important since their conditions are long-term.



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