Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper

Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper

Beautiful Viorica


Back in the days, there was once a beautiful lady, who was devoted to taking care of her mother, in a way that she even forgot that she had a life to live for. Men would come to her, seeking for attention, but in many occasions she would show them that she has no interest over them or their possession. This young lady really tried her best to make sure that her mother never lucked anything, after days passed by, one day as beautiful Viorica was taking care of her mother as usual, her mother mentioned that a son in law would be of great help. “ her mother frowned, opined that an able son in law would be of great help. – page 213.” – by her saying this, she meant that beautiful Viorica was not be as much help as the son in law if he was there. Beautiful Veronica was frustrated with these words, as they would mean that all she was doing to her mother, was all in vain. Those words made her have a lot of thoughts, because, it is clear that she spent most of her time, taking care of her mother, and also she ignored men since she only had one agenda, and that was to take care of her mother Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper.

Sometimes parents most especially mothers, do care for their children, to an extend that they are willing to advise them accordingly. The fact that beautiful Viorica’s mother raised the issue of son in law, Viorica accepted that she was not doing the right thing, and she decided to follow the advise from her mother. This is seen in page 315 of the book where the author says “the day came when Viorica had to admit that mother had been right in wanting a son in law in the house, as if she had known that she wouldn’t be of this world for long.” Viorica’s mother still shows some care to her dead son, when she mentions his presence while addressing her caring daughter. The mother to veronica showed her some everlasting love when she mentioned that beautiful veronica should go out there and focus on her life more than the way she is determined with her old mother. The reason why she made sure that her daughter to followed her advise, is because she was sure that here days to live in this earth was almost over, and it would be so painful if she was not able to get the man of her dreams Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper. Time came and her mother hat to pass out. Sad Viorica gentle closed her mothers eyes and sat down helpless since she had no one to take care of anymore, since her mother and here brother had to die. It is important to make friends whenever we go, because friends would come and comfort us during the time of trouble, or when we are lonely.

One day as beautiful Viorica was sitting at the door step, she was challenged by the ants, she was told to choose if she was going to be the queen of the ants, and if so, she would be advised that there would be no going back. The ants also promised to build her a palace, as she was given the chance to become the queen of the ants. The most shocking part is that poor Viorica volunteered to go with the ants as stated in page 215 “I shall gladly remain with you,” said Viorica, “because nothing holds me here any longer, save for my mothers grave, and I must bring her flowers, cakes, and wine and pray for her Saul.” It was shocking because she was such a beautiful lady that would go out there and make friends within a very short period of time. The reason as to why she had to go with the ants, was because she had nothing else to do at her mothers house, since she she is long gone now Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper. Poor Viorica truly loves her mother to an extend that she would volunteer to bring her cakes, flowers and wine to her grave. As far as the beautiful Viorica has a company, she is also subjected to a life full of strict rules, and in which the punishments are more considered.

The author also expresses the important of skill and working as a team. The palace that Viorica was to live in, was constructed with as little time as possible, because the ants were skilled and hard working, and most of all, they worked as a team. Due to desperation, Viorica was forced to make sudden decision; to go and live with the ants. Despite all that effort, it is seen that Viorica is also a strong woman and also a fast learner, as she would learn multiple of tasks and do them within a very short period of time. The ants gave her a chance to live in a Disney land. They served her with all the honor in the world. Beautiful Viorica lived her life away from stress and depression, she had met a family away from home. From this book, it is clear that Viorica has the qualities of a good leader. She is seen handling her disputes with the patience it deserves. The entire team of the ants were impressed with the decisions she made during their time of trouble Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper.

One day as the beautiful Viorica was on her daily routine, ruling her queendom, she felt easy, she started wondering more that she ever used to. The ants thought that the problem could be maybe the pupae are not getting enough sunshine as compared to before, because she used to take them out to the sunshine. The ants could observe here more closely, and they would also notice that she gave contradictory orders. This made the ants to become even more worried. The ants tried to help her in anyway they could, they even surprised her with a new splendid vaulted hall but it did not work out. Viorica was filled with memories of her past, her village town, and everything that she had in her past life. This made her make the decision of visiting her mother’s grave, for which she had taken very long time before she visited Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper.

After so many years, she visited her mothers grave, and she could not even recognize where it was because, weeds had grown on it. She latter on realized that she was in much peace with the company of the ants than any other company she made ever dreamed of. Beautiful Viorica shed tears while she was out there looking for her mothers grave, since she could not find it and dark was approaching. From this book, it is true to say that Viorica is very strong, because, she was able to rule a queen Dom just after losing her mother and her small brother. While she was busy looking for her mother’s grave, she had a very convincing voice of a King’s son. That voice comforted her, and made her feel at peace. Beautiful Viorica had peace where she was ruling as a queen for so many years. She put her more considerations to the ants that she even forgot that she would need a companion to take care of her during the time of trouble, as the ants could not do that. When she had this gentle voice of a King’s son, she was filled with tears of joy, she bowed down and paid attention to what the King’s son had to say Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper.


The love that Viorica felt for the King’s son was real. She had missed the company of humans to an extend that she got herself braking the promise she had made to her nation. On her way back home, she felt hunted with the guilt, but she could not take it back. Viorica was a lady who would try as much as possible to keep the promise she has dedicated to her people. Sometimes challenges come and get us unaware, an unprepared. It is good to always be aware of dangers and temptations that are most likely to hunt us. On the other hand, it is a good idea that beautiful Viorica should get involved with a man who is ready to be her companion, as this is what her mother always dreamt of. It is true that she would have brake her promises with her queendom, bit at the same time, this is the best choice for her, and it is also what her mother would have advised her to do if she was alive. From this book, it is possible to say that Viorica is strong enough to handle any kind of issuer that could occurs to her Beautiful Veronica Case Study Paper.