For a visual representation of “how to” –

1. Prepare your brochure content in a word document.
2. Identify your brochure topic by identifying the learning needs within the community or from the patient you interviewed.
a. How did you know there is a community need for learning?
b. What specific patient diagnosis do you plan to address?
c. What specific patient population are you trying to reach?
d. What are the limitations of the population (education, socio-economic, health resources…)

3. Evidence
a. What is the current practice for patients with this diagnosis?
b. Are your references less than 5 years old?
c. Are your references from reliable sources?
d. Are there professional nursing journals discussing this topic?
e. Did you use APA format for citations and references?

4. Choose graphics that complement your brochure
a. Do not use copy-written protected graphics!
b. Free graphics are available but you must provide the source as though you are citing a reference

1. From Home:
Choose Font and text size
Center text
2. From Page Layout:
Change page layout from portrait to landscape.
Change top and bottom margins to 0.5”and right and left to 0.25”
3. From Insert:
Add a table with one row and five columns
4. From Table Tools
Select table format
Set column width as follows: columns 1, 3, and 5 are to be 3” wide, columns 2 and 4 are to be 0.6”.

Select Design
You may add or remove the table grid lines or set the width of the lines.