Characteristics of Magical Realism Literature.

Characteristics of Magical Realism Literature.

Magical realism can be described as the style of developing fiction where realistic aspects of modern times are reflected while adding some elements of magical elements. It is developed to a large extent using allegory, symbolism, and, myths which the characters used extremely obsessed with these magical objects. It embarks on the supernatural and magical powers that are rarely found in the real world Characteristics of Magical Realism Literature.

Magic realism is easily identified through its ability to demonstrate the real world through fantasy elements. This is because of the developers if this approach can effectively use the real world to show the magical effects and which are brought out through the characters and events through telepathy, telekinesis, and levitation. The articles are beneficial in defining and bring into focus the real meaning of magical realism. The one by Zamora states that in the models of fiction, the worlds, systems, and spaces are very irreconcilable in the magical world. It is believed that the most cynical and unique manner through which magical realism is exploited is through the use of two worlds in one. This is to mean that the magical explorations can apply in one world but then depict two stories that mean different things. The articles show that it is indeed true that magical realism can be termed as the extension realism Characteristics of Magical Realism Literature. The aspect of magical realism is also seen as a religious notion which encourages some form of resistance type to the existing monologic cultural and political structures. These structures have been said to be very useful in assisting writers and especially the women writers to creatively come up with fictions stories concerning the magical realism. In many scenes of the magical realism story, there are standard features where characters can demonstrate hallucinatory events and also which are filled with fantasy. The article by Alejo Carpenter is also fundamental in describing the magical realism. The author depicts how the characters can live in their worlds, learning their language and way of life. The magical realism is also brought out as a marvelous world that is developed through the strange characters of the imagery gods and who acts as the antagonists to the real characters Characteristics of Magical Realism Literature.

The aspects of realism are effectively brought out in the story of Chac Mool by Carlos Fuentes. The story is given in a narrator’s point of view, and his voice is sorrowful from the experiences of this friend. The protagonist of the story is Filbert, who makes a decision to purchase a Chac Mool from a shop and comes with it in his home. The aspects of magical realism start being experienced withChac Mool because immediately it lands in the house, mysterious things begin taking place. This is because the water pipes and the roof of the house start leaking like a rainy day. The events that take place later through the Chac Mool are very amazing even to the reader. This is because pure magical realism starts being seen where Filbert comes to discover after some time that the Chac Mool was gradually turning into flesh and was moist and he described it as a rain gonethat was coming back to life. As time passes, the little Chac Mool changes the life of Filbert in a big way, and he becomes its slave. It is also surprising that most incidents take place in the night, which is the accurate representation of magical realism that is known to take place in the odd hours of the night. It is also interesting that Filbert claims that apart from having a soft rubber-like feeling the Chac Mool also has some hair on the armpits. This is a fantastic thing that is discovered from the object which the owner thought was lifeless when purchasing.

The story is well written with instances of symbolism. The author is very creative in coming up with the symbolism, which is overly demonstrated through the presence of Chac Mool. This object is beneficial in the story and depicts the changing character of Filbert over the years. The symbolism aspect represents how his old life was getting affected by strange things due to poverty and lack of better social support. The object also represents the sad life of oppression, fantasy, and transformations that takes place in Filbert’s life. This is because, since the day he bought Chack Mool his life never remained the same and at last the wishful thinking he starts having of his past years leads him into swimming where he drowns and dies. This sudden change and elimination of Filbert from life is the last change which can be seen as a symbol of old age and his failure to learn from the past.

The story demonstrates the changes in the history of Mexico and present-day Mexico. He believes that Mexican society readily accepted to be conquered and converted into Christianity. He Filbert is also fascinated by artwork that emanated from Colombia and Mexico, which makes him have the urge to buy the Chac Mool, which becomes a turning point to his life Characteristics of Magical Realism Literature.

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