Christianity and Psychology Sample Essay

Christianity and Psychology

Christianity and Psychology


Different scholarly studies have dissect that In recent years, psychologists have begun to recognize that their spirituality can affect their lives, but they have not yet said that it is important for life. Although theories and models of natural psychology based on naturalism are not sufficient in the Christian world, not all secular psychology is wrong. Of course, there are many important and positive aspects of psychology to consider, which is why integration is needed Christianity and Psychology Sample Essay.

Sarah (n,d) states that successful combination of psychology and Christianity was her passion. However, she states that she takes this article seriously. As a world-renowned doctor, she is aware of her weaknesses in the combination of theology and psychology. According to her, she emphasizes that the differences between biblical counseling, integration, and Christian psychology models have been extensively reviewed by better-known minds .

Focus on the Family (2021), is talking about a specific model, but she offer key points to consider when combining psychology and Christianity. These points, it is believed to fall into the category of competitive and Christian psychology models. They include; Working on medium ground; They stand out in Scripture and in the Gospel – the vast difference between the world and the world of Christian psychology Christianity and Psychology Sample Essay. Research can be amazing – secular research offers a lot to understand mental illness. Christian psychologists should take this research seriously. Understanding the biological, social, and psychological systems of mental illness brings great compassion to our clients. Secular methods can be useful and; Seeking change outside of medical care – Most psychologists and therapists have ample opportunity to make a difference, honor Jesus, and make a difference in their medical relationships. Although these are wonderful, our influence should not stop there Christianity and Psychology Sample Essay.


Another study by Andrew Wommack Ministries (2021), has proven that when research and Christianity clash, we follow the latter. Christian psychologists must look for opportunities to change our society, our schools, our colleagues, our institutions, our education, and the psychological world in general. For our influence to reach different levels, our influence must go beyond the walls of the treatment room. Jesus went into the world, and so should we Christianity and Psychology Sample Essay.


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