Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing Essay

Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing Essay

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Google Cloud and IBM Cloud.

Cloud computing has revolutionized business and enables them to expand globally, hence achieve massive growth. Cloud hosting has shown the ability to replace the traditional physical servers in business in the future and immense potential of providing companies with flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and competitive advantage (IBM.). However, choosing the right cloud hosting service to use as a business depends on the type of business and the business’s goals. This paper will analyze Google Cloud and IBM cloud to determine the best hosting services for our organization’s file and email servers Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing Essay.

Both cloud hosting services are suitable for the two roles. Google’s cloud hosting services is easy to use and save a lot of time and effort by automatically doing everything. IBM cloud seems more business-like, and despite a lower security review to that of Google, it offers unlimited opportunities and features for businesses (Principled Technologies.). Google Cloud also offers the advantage of keeping the files, images, and other content in one place. IBM cloud is fast and supports numerous apps and languages, which is crucial for businesses intending to go global.

However, the two also have several disadvantages that we must also consider to ensure the best choice. Google cloud GPUs are quite expensive compared to those of IBM. However, the price of IBM cloud hosting services can also be high, but it depends on the company (Nodericks Technologies.). Google cloud offers the disadvantage of many access keys, and at instances when servicing the management site, it can be hard or messy at times. However, learning how to enable and disable api’s and understanding steps for setting them up makes it more accessible. In my opinion, IBM is the best choice for our business files and email servers since it is business-oriented compared to google cloud Cloud Hosting and Cloud Computing Essay.

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