Cyber Crimes Sample Essay

Cyber Crimes Sample Essay

Internet Crimes

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Cyber Crimes Sample Essay


The modern world is rapidly growing technologically. Different studies have established the technological trends in the modern world and the advancement that happens in modern society’s companies and also individuals. Sarre, Lau, and Chang (2018) outlined that as technology is advancing in the modern world, crime rates in technology avenues also increase. This is often referred to as cybercrimes. Jain and Shrivastava (2014) argued that it has become common for most of the internet and technology users to encounter cybercrimes in their daily operations. This is because cyber crimes have become common among people worldwide. In addition to that, cybercrimes form a new business form for the criminals as they can earn from this line of operations Cyber Crimes Sample Essay. On the other hand, studies have established the need for keeping forth contingencies to mitigate cybercrime risks and damages to organizations. There is a variety of typed of cybercrime. One of the common forms is the one that entails illegal accessing of information for wrong purposes. In the modern world, some organizations operate on the internet to offer illegal products and services. These acts are also considered internet crime.

Elite Market

Gusovsky (2015) outlines that people from all over the world buy and sell illegal products online. With the advanced technology, it is made easy to transact with each other while ensuring that the authorities get a rough time tracking the transactions. Different studies have outlined that the crime rate increases with increased advancement in technology. A good example is the use of bitcoin currency that is untraceable assists criminals to transact without being noticed. This shows that it is well established that there are a variety of companies and individuals from different countries that sell illegal products online Cyber Crimes Sample Essay. Apart from the normal security risks that cloud technology faces, companies practice illegal businesses online. This also stands as cybercrime and can be treated with a higher level of strictness. Therefore, it is well established that criminals sell products like illegal drugs and firearms through online platforms. Furthermore, Beshri and Susuri (2019) outline that the dark web provides anonymity and this is the characteristic that the criminals exploit for their online criminal activities. This essay, therefore, outlines the aspects of the Elite market as one of the most known illegal online platforms shows that computer-based crimes do happen in the modern world.

Mirea, Wang, and Jung (2019) outlined that the dark web has been a topic of discussion in recent years. Different studies have suggested that the anonymity of the dark web facilitates criminal activities thus increasing criminal incidences on the internet Cyber Crimes Sample Essay. This is a technology that ensures that the users or visitors of the website cannot be tracked in any way. This means that illegal transactions can be conducted without anyone being accountable for them. The elite market is one of the platforms that use this technology to offer services to visitors to the website. According to The Dark Web Links (n.d.), Elite Market combines the features that all inventions have ever shown into one website to offer the best dark web services. On the other hand, it is evident that even though the website is part of the dark web, there are still some rules that the platform has to follow Cyber Crimes Sample Essay. This means that this platform is not at all above the laws. The figure below shows the products that are sold on the Elite market platform..

From the above figure, it is evident that the platform offers some extra illegal products and services that a normal website cannot. It is well established that fraud, drugs, and guides occupy the best share on the platform. This shows how this website is well known and rampantly used by people who intend to buy or sell these illegal products and services. Dark Net Stats (n.d.) further outlined that Elite Market is a dark web platform designed specifically to offer their visitors anonymity. This means that the owners of the website are happy about the work. As the website violates some laws of selling illegal products like drugs, it is evident that the organization can face some serious regulatory consequences Cyber Crimes Sample Essay. For instance, in the USA, the owners of the website can face serious criminal charges as per the country’s laws. The Drug Enforcement Administration is a US federal law enforcement that deals with drug peddling in the country. It is therefore evident that this body is allowed to investigate the website. Since the website sells illegal drugs, the owners can face some serious trouble with the United States Government.


There are different forms of internet crimes. Fraud and cyber-attacks are some of the most common cybercrimes in modern society. This is because different organizations, as well as individuals, migrate to cloud technology and this attracts more attackers. However, the use of the dark Web is also rampant in illegal businesses. This is because the platforms have the potential to facilitate illegal businesses due to their anonymity nature. Just like the other dark web platforms, Elite Market ensures that their clients cannot be tracked thus increasing courage among their customers. The platform has different features that facilitate daily operations. First and foremost, there is the user registration and login, then the platform offers reliable security features including anonymity features. The platform also offers currency services that are not tractable such as bitcoin for modes of payment. Finally, the platform ensures that products and services are available thus increasing reliability and efficiency Cyber Crimes Sample Essay. 

The question of shutting down the dark web platforms due to their illegal business is of great debate. This is because these platforms are built with complete anonymity and therefore, the users cannot be traced in any way. In addition to that, financial transactions in these platforms are dome using untraceable currencies like bitcoins. By the use of this method of payments, it is not easy for the users, either the buyer or seller, to be traced in any way. This is the main reason as to why shutting down Elite Market and other dark web platforms are often hard for law enforcement in the world.


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