Determinants of Health in the Health Sector

Determinants of Health in the Health Sector

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Determinants of health play a critical role in the health of individuals within society. Several determinants of health exist, and the interrelationship between them determines the healthiness of the people. Some of the health determinants include personal, environmental, social, as well as economic factors. These determinants can be categorized under various classes, like policy making, personal behavior, social factors, biology, and genetics, as well as health services (Grey, 2017). The environment in which individuals live plays a significant role in their health status. For example, those people who live within areas that are polluted continuously due to the release of toxic gases by industries suffer from illnesses such as asthma, among others, which means their health status is low. In contrast, those who live in clean areas have a better health status since they have eliminated most causes of illnesses. Access to health care also affects the health status of a community. People who are well up economically have a higher chance of accessing medical care as opposed to those from the lower social class who lack the funds to access health care services Determinants of Health in the Health Sector.

Health determinants also impact the nursing profession. For example, lifestyle is one of the core health determinants, and when people have proper lifestyles, they eat healthy diets and live in better places, which reduces their chances of contracting diseases, as noted by Grey (2017). Nonetheless, many people have bad lifestyles where they prefer eating fast foods and taking snacks, which consequently increases their chances of contracting diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. This affects my profession since I have to handle a multitude of patients each day due to various illnesses they suffer from. As a nursing profession, the best thing I can do is to educate the patients who visit and other individuals on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a balanced diet and living in clean areas since these are all major contributors to the contraction of illnesses.

The major way to advocate for a change in this area is through educating people through various platforms such as social media and providing the patients with brochures that show them the importance of healthy lifestyles and how lifestyle influences their overall health. Social media is an effective way since the information will reach to many people at a go (Pálsdóttir, 2016). Another way is to rally the nurses all over the state to work together by ensuring they advise or coach their patients and the general public concerning the appropriate ways of living a healthy lifestyle. The primary reason I may fail to engage in areas like this professionally is that people may be disrespectful when trying to help them because they feel that it is their life, and meddling in it is not acceptable.


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