Discussion Question (2) -Public Health Nurse-PHN-600- Topic 3 DQ 2

Discussion Question (2) -Public Health Nurse-PHN-600- Topic 3 DQ 2

Question-Topic 3 DQ 2
Discuss the public health nurse’s unique role as advocate the public health needs of the community. Consider factors such as policy, laws, regulation, and leadership in your response.





Question-Topic 3 DQ 2

One of the main roles of a public health nurse is to advocate for the public health needs of all members of their community. In their communities, the public health nurse can fulfill their advocacy role by using their experiences, expertise, and knowledge to persuade those in positions of authority on different issues that affect health, such as healthcare systems, education, and economic issues (Williams et al., 2018). For instance, in a community with insufficient health care facilities, a public health nurse can become the main advocate for community members in convincing local authorities to construct more health care facilities.

As an advocate for the public health needs of their community, a public health nurse can also be involved in the drawing up and enactment of laws, regulations, and policies to improve health outcomes (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019). Therefore, the public health nurse possesses the information, knowledge, and an understanding of the health care needs of a community. Furthermore, a public health nurse can utilize this information to suggest changes in laws, regulations, and policies that will improve the health outcomes of all community members (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019). For example, a public health nurse can provide policy change suggestions to reduce the obesity rate in a community. This would include lobbying local leaders in a community, such as politicians, to enact laws that promote a healthy diet and physical activity and limit accessibility to unhealthy foods. Finally, a public health nurse possesses adequate leadership skills that can help in the coordination of different programs and activities to improve the healthcare outcomes of the community in which they serve. Therefore, a public health nurse will be the main leader of all activities, including educational, policy, and regulatory initiatives to improve the health outcomes of the communities they serve (Turale & Kunaviktikul, 2019).


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