Discussion Question

How do servant leaders, as compared with leaders using the transformational model of leadership, manage organization dynamics and lead change to ensure that the continued success of the stakeholders will be served? Is servant leadership or transformational leadership the best approach to these tasks? Why?

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Discussion Question

Leadership determines the success of any organization. This discussion compares strategies utilized by servant leaders and those using the transformational leadership model manage organization dynamics, resulting in change, thus ensuring continued success of the stakeholders. The discussion also indicates the leadership style, which is more effective in accomplishing these tasks.

A servant leader focuses on serving the needs of others in an organization. Additionally, these leaders influence their followers by serving the needs of others. These leaders also promote individual development among the followers and team problem solving. The leader also provides the followers with autonomy and resources to motivate them to perform a particular task (Allen et al., 2016). On the other hand, the effort of transformational leaders is focused towards achieved organizational goals. These leaders tend to influence their followers by modeling. They promote individualized influence through persuasion. These leaders also motivate their leaders with charisma to ensure a certain goal is achieved within the set time limit (Allen et al., 2016).

Servant leadership focuses on supporting and listening to all employees. All the employees are treated fairly and their needs are prioritized in an organization. Consequently, employees feel valued and appreciated in an organization, resulting in job satisfaction. As a result, employees are committed towards their duties in an organization, thus becoming more productive. On the other hand, transformational leadership focuses on inspiring, supporting, and guiding employees to unlock their potential to benefit the organization. Thus, servant leadership is better in ensuring continued success of the stakeholders since the employees will be committed towards achieving organizational goals.



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