Discussion: Time Management


  1. Visit the Mind Tools website and explore the many resources available that relate to time management. Only three pages are available free of charge from this website.
  2. Explore websites or articles that provide helpful information on strategies and approaches for effective time management.
  3. Download and view the PowerPoint presentation Writing Goals and Objectives. Using the format presented in this presentation, create one academic goal (written with SMART criteria) and write two specific objectives for achieving that written goal.
  4. Download and open the file Time Management Assessment Tool.  Complete the self-assessment tool and follow the instructions on page 2.
  5. Prepare to discuss the following prompts:
    1. Share a summary of your time management self-assessment. Be sure to include your areas of strengths and weaknesses and personal barriers to efficient use of time.
    2. Discuss effective strategies that adult learners could utilize to balance various life roles along with the new role of full-time student. Describe strategies that assist you in effectively managing time as a student.
    3. Share your created SMART goal (see #5 above) with your faculty and classmates. Discuss the specific objectives that you will take to achieve that academic goal.
  6. Your initial post should be four paragraphs in length, with a minimum of three sentences in each paragraph. Your post should be submitted by the end of day #4 of this workshop.
  7. Cite and reference two current scholarly sources to support your insights and answers.
  8. Read and respond to at least two classmates’ initial posts by the end of the workshop. You are encouraged to respond to the follow-up instructor questions directed to you. Your responses to classmates should be a minimum of six sentences in length.
  9. Forum participation (including initial post and responses) occurs on at least two different days of the workshop.