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1.EBP (PowerPoint Slides 7 and 8)  assignment number 1


2. Resume and Cover Letter. ssignment number 2 & 3

 Each student will submit a copy of his or her resume and cover letter to the assignment area in BrightSpace. The goal of this assignment is to allow the student to begin preparing for their professional nursing career.  Grading will focus on the student’s ability to professionally present themselves. Please utilize career services for assistance. Gear your resume and cover letter toward the specialty that interests you. 

 Resume Grading Rubric and Criteria 


Includes name, address, telephone, professional email address. ALL page(s) must have header with name and page number.

 Summary of Qualifications 

 Summary of Qualifications are focused, targeted, and concise. Uses action verbs in the same tense. 


Education section emphasizes relevant coursework, GPA if better than average (3.5 or greater), what degree student expects to attain.

Education is put before employment unless student has extensive career-related job experience (LPN, EMT, MA).

Education is listed in reverse chronological order and all institution/degrees earned are listed.

  • Do not include High School experience after attaining a college degree.
  • Do not include colleges or universities that were attended but no degree was awarded.

 Work experience includes job titles, locations, list of duties/ accomplishments. Experience listed in resume parallels position applicant is applying for. 

 1 OR 2 full pages; Balanced, white space, good font choices, pleasing design; Single spaced; 1-inch margins. 

 Begin each bullet with an action verb. Approved action word list provided. No spelling errors. No grammatical errors. Word processing mechanics are perfect. 

 Cover Letter Grading Rubric 

 Opening Paragraph 

 The opening paragraph arouses the interest of the employer by stating why you are interested in the organization, names the specific job applied for and states where you heard of the job. 

 Middle Paragraph 

 The middle paragraph is neatly written and creates a desire for an employer to know more about you.  It emphasizes the resume pointing out achievements and qualifications that meet the job description. 

 Closing Paragraph  The closing paragraph paves the way for an interview by offering to call in the future. 

Layout  The letter is organized.  It includes all the required components in the correct order with the correct spacing between elements.