advanced Role and Development in Nursing

The Professional Role paper builds upon the Interview assignment in that you will provide an analysis of the professional nursing role by comparing and contrasting the ideal (from the research) and observed (from the interview), according to professional guidelines and theory. In other words, does the actual role align with what the research states it should be? Make sure you provide a job description and explain how it relates to the domains of the practice of the role. Discuss whether this role has leadership functions AND discuss how the current healthcare system, particularly the Affordable Care Act, impacts this particular role. Technical features of the paper: 1. Provide an abstract. Be sure you understand the difference between an abstract and an introduction. Your paper will need both. The APA 7th ed manual does a great job of explaining this. An abstract is not more than 250 words. 2. Be sure to include an introduction AND conclusion section. Remember that an introduction section does not use a section header due to its position in the paper. Every section after the introduction should have a section header. 3. A minimum of 5 references is required. 4. This paper should not exceed 8 pages, excluding the title and reference pages. 5. Be sure to take a look at the grading rubric in order to understand how your paper will be evaluated. This paper is a continuation of another paper. i have attached the paper to this order as well for your reference.


Academic Level College
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Coursework
Number of Pages 4 Page(s)/1100 words
Sources 10
Format APA 7
Spacing Double Spacing

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