Concept analysis

Discussion – Week 3 COLLAPSE Strategies for Concept Development and Analysis As indicated in this week’s Learning Resources, concept analysis is an essential step in research and has significant implications for theory development. Concepts may be abstract (e.g., caring) or relatively concrete (e.g., touch)—yet, in either case, the meaning of a concept depends on context. It is therefore critical to clearly define a concept that serves as a component of research or theory so that a shared language and common understanding can be developed. For this Discussion, you will select a concept related to a practice problem of interest to you. You will then have an opportunity to explore how concept analysis applies to research involving this practice problem. Next week, you will consider how concept analysis relates to theory development. To prepare: Brainstorm a list of concepts you use or see in practice that pertain to a practice problem of interest to you. Then select one concept to focus on for this Discussion. Using the concept analysis strategies presented in the Learning Resources, analyze your selected concept and clarify its meaning. With your selected concept in mind, formulate a research topic to address the related practice problem. By Day 3 post a cohesive response that addresses the following: Identify the concept and the related practice problem that you have selected for this Discussion. Provide a summary of your concept analysis (sharing your clarified concept) and the related research topic. Describe the importance of this concept and research topic to nursing practice.


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