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Assignment 4 Marking Guide for HLTH 3631 (Fall 2018 Berg) Question 1 1. Identify one potential episodic condition about an organ system (cerebral vascular accident). Create an expanded story on Harry that reflects the specifics about the episodic health challenge that you selected, (cerebral vascular accident) as well as the influence of this health challenge on Harry and the family as a unit. Be very clear in the symptoms and details about the health challenge you choose. Support this section with relevant literature. For example if you speak about CVA bring in theory on CVA. (7 marks) Maximum score7 Question 2 2. A clear description of a comprehensive assessment of Harry that is relevant to his episodic health challenge as well as his age and gender. Include a holistic assessment, do not just focus on the episodic health challenge. You need to demonstrate the appropriate use of the CRNBC Situated Clinical Decision- making Framework. Lay this out step by step. (7 marks) Maximum score7 Question 3 3. Include in the description of the clinical decision-making processes Harry’s and his family’s contexts (micro, meso, and macro) that influenced or contributed to your clinical decision-making. Define these terms, provide examples that show application. (6 marks) Maximum score6 Question 4 4. Provide a list of three priority clinical decisions for Harry’s episodic health challenge that you need to make. Each clinical decision should apply to one of the three steps of the nursing process. Include potential care planning and options for Harry. Support these decisions with literature. Explain why did you prioritize these 3 decisions (9 marks total, 3 marks for each priority clinical decision) Maximum score9 Question 5 5. Consider the clinical decisions you have identified. Ensure that you have used at least three different relevant current evidence (from the past 5 years) to make your decision(s) about Harry’s episodic health challenge. (6 marks) Maximum score6 Question 6 6. Provide a concept map of your clinical decision-making for Harry that reflects the application of the CRNBC Situated Clinical Decision-making Framework. (10 marks for a Page 2 of 4 clear, logical, easy to follow, and accurately captures the essence of the nursing process you used for your clinical decision-making). Note that the Concept Map should reflect all three clinical decisions. Maximum score10 Question 7 7. Reflect on the overall learning process. Did any biases or assumptions influence your preparation of this assignment? What ways of knowing (empirical, ethical, personal, esthetic) influenced your thinking? Bring in literature to support this section. (8 marks) Maximum score8 Question 8 8. Your Final Project Paper should include a title page, a table of contents page, an introduction, headings and subheadings that reflect the components and the subcomponents of the Final Project, conclusion, and references in APA format. You must support your work with relevant literature throughout. (7 marks) Maximum score7


Academic Level Undergraduate
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Term Paper
Number of Pages 8 Page(s)/2200 words
Sources 15
Format APA 7
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