Diabetes Mellitus – Type 2

hoose one of the following chronic diseases. You will use the chosen chronic disease as the topic to address in each of the assignments in this course. Hypertension Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 — This is my Choice Childhood asthma You must use a minimum of two scholarly sources. This paper should be 4-5 pages in length. In Assignment One you will: Illustrate the population. Who are the members of this population? Provide details, including contributing causes for the disease and/or past medical history, any familial or genetic components for the disease. Evaluate the population, including current numbers, the seriousness of the disease, special needs to optimize health and independence. Assess the need for formal case management. What are the current trends in case management (as discussed in your text) that support a case management model? Argue the potential benefits to implementing a case management model, addressing economics, quality or life/care of the patient, impact on the social life of the patient and family. Analyze why nurses should coordinate the case management plan of care? Based upon best practice, what specialized training and experiences would a nurse bring to this role? Identify the other members that should be included on a multidisciplinary case management team and discuss what their role is and why they are valuable members.


Academic Level College
Subject Area Accounting
Paper Type  Admission – Application Essay
Number of Pages 4 Page(s)/1100 words
Sources 3
Format APA
Spacing Double Spacing

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