Diagnostic Report _ Case

A) What are the effects of the problem on the organization? (1 ¼ page) • Effects of the Problem. This section requires a clearly stated topic/purpose statement which refers to and develops the report’s overall purpose. If subsections are used, a preview of the subsection headings are required. • State the impacts of the problem on the organization qualitatively with detailed description and quantitatively. Provide additional detail about effects/results of problem on the company. What are the effects on the company? What is this problem causing or costing the company in terms of money, people, patients, satisfaction scores and the like? You can calculate the approximate amounts based on research of similar cases. (1 ¼ page ). Quantify the effects. remember effects are measurable, usually in costs to the organization. what typical costs has the organization/system incurred (from research) or may be facing from the situation.


Academic Level Masters
Subject Area Case Study
Paper Type  Case Study
Number of Pages 1 Page(s)/275 words
Sources 3
Format APA
Spacing Double Spacing

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