Mental health

For this article review any topic that pertains to mental health, stress, stress/mental health diseases etc. You may choose any topic that interests you as long as it pertains to the subject matter. There is excellent research from many of the latest tragedies that have occurred in our nation and abroad. (Some of the possible topics are: postpartum depression, depression after a loss of someone close, or depression in teens) Article Review Rubric Format for Article Review is correct: Name, APA entry, single spaced computer generated. Summary contains the purpose/focus of the article a thorough description of the article and the viewpoint. Personal reaction to the article is stated showing reflection on the content of the article and connection to the content of the class. Article selected for the review is congruent with the assigned topic. The article should cover only the front of one page and computer generated. A written summary (single spaced) with a personal reaction is to be turned in. The written summary is to be submitted in the following format: Name in the upper right-hand corner. APA bibliography entry at the top of paper Factual Summary purpose of the article or focus (why it was written) The viewpoint of the article Your Opinion Website Reference: Stand-alone document, no author: E.g. GVU”S 8th WWW user survey. (n.d.) Retrieved August 4, 2000 from etc. If the author of a document is not identified, begin the reference with the title of the document. Periodical reference: E.g. Glathorn, A.A. (1993). Helping teachers do better instructional planning. The Educational Digest, 59, 16-19.


Academic Level College
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Assignment
Number of Pages 1 Page(s)/275 words
Sources 1
Format APA 6
Spacing Single Spacing

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