Opioid Assignment

Nursing Care Related to Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Rubric (click on the bold link to open and print off the rubric) The NACCHO Podcast Series: Podcast from Washington: On the Frontlines of the Opioid Epidemic (17:23 minutes) On the Frontlines of the Opioid Epidemic Click on the link to connect to the podcast. This assignment is based on a request by the State of Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission . Please click on the brown bold link to read the request from the Honorable Linda, Davis, Chairperson. This assignment demonstrates the course learning objectives: 2.) Examine the professional nursing roles essential to community nursing, including leader and advocate, in order to improve the equity, accessibility, and affordability of quality patient- centered care, and to ensure social justice to help eliminate health disparities. 3.) Assess health/illness beliefs, values, attitudes, behaviors, risk factors, resources, and environmental exposures of groups, populations, families, and individuals in the community as the foundation for outcome-focused plans of care. 4.) Incorporate cost-efficient evidenced-based interventions into plans of care for groups, populations, families, and individuals in the community. 5.) Identify community-based resources and reimbursement sources for and issues related to community nursing. Discussion Forum Post due Friday 03/19/21 by 23:55 p.m. Directions: Please respond to the following in 500 – 600 words. 1. Thoroughly explains how legislation assists nurses in advocating for persons and their families as it relates to prescription drug and opioid abuse. Provide an example to meet the special needs of this vulnerable population. 2. Discuss why it is especially important that nurses focus on primary/illness prevention in delivering care to the vulnerable population. Provide an example of how and where you could implement this prevention. 3. Describe three challenges (total) to providing secondary/tertiary care to this vulnerable population. Identify two community based resources that could assist the client/family during secondary/tertiary care. Include at least two citations from your course textbook, at least one citation from a government website (CDC, USDHHS, State of Michigan, etc.) or nursing website (NLN, AACN, etc.), and an additional citation from a scholarly journal may be included but is not mandatory. In-paragraph citation and your references should be according to APA format. This is a discussion forum and does not require a title page, abstract, or formal document. Please type in the discussion box. Remember that direct quotation is best used sparingly, and paraphrasing is preferred over using direct quotes.


Academic Level College
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Essay
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Format APA 7
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