PDSA case study

Step 1: Read the following case study: Increase in Pressure Injuries There have been 5 cases of pressure injuries in the last month. The previous month there was one case. In all cases, the patients were older than 60 years old and had limited mobility. The QI committee has created the following Aim statement: Aim Statement: In our setting, there will be zero pressure injuries to any patient in the next month. STEP 2: You will write for ACUTE CARE setting. Answer the following questions. Your post should look like: Paragraph one: Describe the change that should be implemented using at least one scholarly nursing source from the Chamberlain library to support this intervention. Paragraph two: Describe the predicted outcome. Paragraph three: Identity who will be involved in implementing and evaluating the change. Resources: Include reference for scholarly nursing source used **Please use one source from the required textbook, and once source from your own findings**


Academic Level Undergraduate
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Discussion Post
Number of Pages 1 Page(s)/275 words
Sources 2
Format APA 7
Spacing Double Spacing

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