Personal PDSA worksheet

Select a personal situation or problem that you are experiencing that needs improvement. It can be home or work-related. (You may choose whatever you like, I do work in the ICU so if you can relate it to that, that would be great. If not, like I said choose whatever you can) 🙂 Complete the worksheet. Worksheet contents include: Aim statement Needs to be a measurable goal addressing what, when, how much, and for whom. Plan Describe the situation and problem that needs improvement. Describe the change that should be implemented and the predicted outcome. Identify who will be involved in implementing and evaluating the change. Describe how the outcomes will be evaluated. Identify when this implementation will begin and the target date for completion. Do Describe the implementation in detail including any problems or unexpected events that occurred. Study Describe in detail the outcome(s) of the implementation and how the problem was improved or not improved. Identify whether the goal met by the target date or delayed. Describe how the actual outcome compared to the predicted outcome. Act If the problem improved, describe how it will be maintained in the future. If the problem was not improved, describe how the plan will change in the next PDSA cycle. Plans should be detailed, realistic, and contain at least two actions. **There is no sources needed for this assignment** Thank you so much for your hard work!


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