Primary Health Care of the Family

Case Study 2 You are seeing a 45-year-old woman for her yearly health exam. It is January in the Midwest, and you have been monitoring influenza incidence, which is now at epidemic levels. The woman has not contracted the influenza virus during this year’s cycle. As part of the woman’s exam, you have recommended the influenza vaccine as well as a tetanus booster, as her last tetanus booster was 13 years ago. You also recommend a mammogram screening for cancer, as she has never had a mammogram, and her mother has a history of breast cancer. Case Questions 1. What does an epidemic level of the influenza virus mean? 2. Which source likely would have reported that influenza is at an epidemic level? 3. What role will you play in primary prevention of influenza for the patient? 4. Why did you recommend a tetanus booster for the patient? 5. What questions should you ask yourself before recommending that the patient get a mammogram screening for cancer?


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