Principalism – Nursing Ethics

Write a journal entry of one to two double-spaced pages in which you reflect on the cases of Elaine and Mrs. Jabolov in Ulrich Chapter 4. Ms. Jabolov, 89 years old, suffers from dementia and arthritis and is in a long-term, residential care facility. She had been living alone, supported by her daughter, until 1 year ago. At that time, following a series of chest infections, both her mobility and her general health declined. More recently at the care facility, she has suffered a series of urinary tract infections, the most recent of which does not seem to be responding to antibiotics. This morning her pyrexia rose to 39.2C. Because she has also been experiencing increased levels of confusion and agitation and has become quite sick. The attending physician decides to transfer her to a local acute hospital to receive more intensive therapy. The nurse feels very angry about this. She feels that Ms. Jabolov’s confusion might worsen in a hospital and that she might become very upset and agitated in new surroundings. She alo feel that because of Mrs. Jabolov’s age and dementia, Mrs. Jabolov should be left in the long -term care facility and treated less actively. After all, if she died, her family would understand, as she no longer even recognize them. Have you had similar experiences with patients or even a family member in the past? Would you handle it differently today than you did at the time? If you haven’t experienced something similar, think of a scenario in which you might be faced with a similar experience and describe how you would handle it. Be sure to identify select models of ethical decision making that support your resolution to the experience. Also assess the usefulness of principlism as a framework for the experience.


Academic Level Masters
Subject Area Ethics
Paper Type  Admission – Application Essay
Number of Pages 2 Page(s)/550 words
Sources 3
Format APA 6
Spacing Double Spacing

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