Research in Nursing

Select one of the research reports that you used in Written Assignment 2. Then, in your post, answer the following questions related to credibility of the author(s) and journal (questions are based on “Checklist for Evaluating the Credibility of a Research Article” (Houser, p. 23): How are the clinical and educational credentials of the author(s) related to the subject of or the methodology used in the study? What conflict(s) of interest (if any) are reported by the author(s)? Does the journal have an external editorial board in addition to external reviewers? What information is given about the board members and the reviewers, and where is this information found? What is the time lag between manuscript acceptance and publication? Is this an acceptable interval? Explain your answer. Are articles submitted to the journal subject to blind review? How do you know? What is the journal’s impact factor? How would you interpret this? [MO 7.2]


Academic Level Undergraduate
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Discussion Post
Number of Pages 1 Page(s)/275 words
Sources 2
Format APA 7
Spacing Single Spacing

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