Week 4 Assignment: Organizational Structures Paper

The metrics by which a healthcare administrator is evaluated are far-reaching and have consequences that are felt from the board of trustees down to the patients and their families. Do some research and find an example of a publicized hospital error, mistake, or grievance. You may use any news story or Internet article as long as its source is reliable according to academic standards. Compose a debriefing of the situation covering the following: Describe the incident. Include relevant details and descriptions. Describe the patient and family reactions, when applicable. How did the hospital handle the situation? Did they acknowledge any wrongdoing? Did they defer to legal counsel for all inquiries? What remedy did the patient seek? Did the patient seek for punitive compensation, corrective care, etc.? Now, review the below flowchart that outlines the organizational structure of a standard public hospital system. Describe the following as it applies to your scenario: How did the problem escalate through the chain of command? For example, if this was a patient- or care-related issue, who was informed first? Where would that information go next? If this was an employee issue, how was it reported and how did it escalate? Where do you think the hospital administrator fits into the reporting and escalation of grievances? How can incidents affect organizational metrics for the hospital administrator? How much of the situation should be relayed to the board of trustees? Is this an issue that could be resolved without the board’s input? Your paper must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines, and you must use at least two scholarly references with appropriate citations. Your paper should be at least three to four pages in length. Visit the WCU library to locate additional research on the topic.


Academic Level Undergraduate
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Assignment
Number of Pages 2 Page(s)/550 words
Sources 4
Format APA
Spacing Double Spacing

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