Emotional Differences Between Male and Female Essay

Are women more emotional than men?

The question as to whether women are more emotional than men has been a controversial one for the longest time, with researchers from all ends venturing into an investigative process. Women and men both express emotions. However, it is not understood, which gender is more emotional than the other. Emotions are considered to be elements of consciousness whose main feature includes physical arousal, which leads to the development of specific behavior that shows the type of emotion to the world (Chapter 9 pdf). Examples of common emotions include anger, happiness, and sadness. These are emotions that women and men demonstrate to the outside world. Women can be considered more emotional than men because they often display their feelings and react immediately to a situation.

Display rules have resulted in women being more emotional than men. These are the rules people learn that result in the control of emotions dismayed in social gatherings (Chapter 9 pdf). As people grow, they are taught how to control their emotions, which dictates how they express their emotions Emotional Differences Between Male and Female Essay .Notably, in most cultures, men are taught to hide their emotions as much as possible. Usually, the emotions such as sadness that result in crying should be suppressed by men. Conversely, women learn how to display their emotions in social settings without being judged. Nevertheless, whenever men do so, they are considered and are urged to express such feelings in private. Display rules often favor women, particularly in expressing emotions such as sadness, which sees men suppress these feelings in social settings. This explains the observations where women will be seen crying in an emotional moment, such as a painful experience, while the men stay strong without necessarily shedding tears. According to the commonsense theory, emotions are products of stimulus that subsequently result in bodily arousal. Stimulus is the experience in a specific situation. For instance, loss of a job will lead to anger and sadness as physical arousal.

Men have restricted emotionality Emotional Differences Between Male and Female Essay .This means men will be limited to displaying some emotions. Men are typically not allowed to demonstrate intimate feelings. Notwithstanding, they can express happiness in social settings and even show such emotions via their faces. The restrictive nature of emotions practiced by men affects their emotional appraisal and, thereby, their identity. Because of the restrictive nature of men, women are thought to be more emotional. Comparing men and women of a similar age, it is easier to identify gender differences in their emotions. Women will often cry longer than men will do, which further shows that women are more emotional.

The emotional difference between men and women can be attributed to their gender differences. Gender differences mean biologically, men and women have different components such as their hormones. Whereas men produce testosterone, women have estrogen. These two hormones affect the way emotions are expressed, primarily when people are more fertile. Due to the hormones produced by men, they are known to endure hardships, which results in restrictive emotions. In contrast, women have different hormones that make it simpler for them to respond to various stimuli and interpret an experience quickly. According to the cognitive-mediational approach, a stimulus is interpreted before an emotional response can be triggered (Chapter 9 pdf). Women interpret stimuli faster than men, which is why they are more emotional than men.

Men and women are both emotional, but women tend to be more emotional than men for several reasons. The leading cause is the display rules Emotional Differences Between Male and Female Essay .These are guidelines concerning the control of emotions, which in many cultures dictate that men should control their emotions in social settings than women. Restrictive emotions and gender differences are other reasons that contribute to women being emotional than men.