Futures on film


“Arrival” film is significant and interesting in its exploration of the present and future. Through the film, it is disheartening to see Louise’s actions of having Hannah even when she knows the tragic events to follow. I feel that though it was vital for her to have a daughter, it could have been an important thing to share what was to happen to the daughter with Ian. She was not right in deciding on having Hannah only to have her die of an incurable disease at 12 years Futures on film. The film creates a sad moment for the audience as it is expected that maybe because she was granted the ability to foretell the future, she could be able to avoid such events. This action from Louse is an indication that even though she could know future events, this ability never helps her for the better. Instead, it only brings more trouble to her life as Ian separates from her after learning that she all through knew about the challenges that would happen to their daughter. It raises questions about the abilities of Louise as even though she seems to have the choice of making things happen and not to happen, she stills on to have the child. The reaction by Ian regarding this is one that breaks the audience’s hearing. As a fact, it is evident that he wanted the best from his daughter but realizing the nature of the disease she has little to offer. Additionally, the weapon the aliens provided to the two was the tool of communication and the message of the future. The aliens want to give help to the human at present, and they will need their support in the future. The aspect of weapon fits well into Louise’s actions as she is given the ability to see the present and future events Futures on film.