Gender Dysphoria Discussion Sample

Gender Dysphoria Discussion Sample


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The world is changing because there was a time people were discriminated against for changing their gender perception. There was a time when transitioning was considered a mental illness, which gradually changed as medicine advanced and the notion became obsolete. The world grew accustomed to people transitioning from their original genders because they we’re reasonable adults who had the right to choose their own identity. Now just a decade later, from when the world accepted transitioning, children have begun carrying the trend of doing so at younger ages than history has ever seen. The health care system has limited knowledge on how to handle gender dysphoria Gender Dysphoria Discussion Sample.


Children with gender dysphoria are a rising concern because they pressure their parents to seek medical options to help their gender non-conformant children. The medical practitioners are challenged with finding a solution to help them, which is where the idea of hormone blockers came to life. The medical solutions for children are to suspend puberty because they have no definitive way of determining whether the child’s gender dysphoria will continue into adulthood or not. Therefore, healthcare only offers puberty blockers, a temporary solution to allow the child to choose in their future when they are older (Navasky,2015). The video also interviews gender non-conformant and transgender children to collect first-hand information on what it feels like to be the gender they identify with. The video shows how these children handle their life emotionally when their hormones take a natural course of their genders. Children mostly undergo anxiety, depression, and at extreme conditions, suicidal feelings. These emotions are brought on by their society and support system, such as their parents and how they feel about the child’s choice to transgender. The video takes us through the stories of children who have gone through the whole gender transitioning process from childhood into adulthood.


A child choosing to transgender is a complex issue for their parents to deal with since they will demand more from their parents at some point in their lives. Children who do not want to experience puberty, which changes their body as per their natural gender, confront the parents with a medical choice that they hope their child would not regret when they grow older. Accepting the child’s changes is a complicated process, but a crucial one if the child is expected to have confidence in themself and have a sound support system Gender Dysphoria Discussion Sample.

There are many life changes a family has to make to accommodate, which can be costly and taxing on their social life. Society can be judgmental, which is why some families choose to move states and start a new life in an environment that does not know that their child is transgender. The emotions involved in a child’s transgender process are confusing and difficult to understand if one has never lived through the situation. Therefore, the situation such families are going through is unique because of the different cultural values they have.


I think watching a child struggle with their gender can be a painful process for a parent, but at the same time, I think parents should be rational about the decision to allow their children to transgender. The medical approach for children to transgender is experimental, which all parents are informed about before signing the consent forms. Thus, parents need to be responsible with what they are exposing their children to. I believe parents should hold out on these child fantasies until they are old enough to understand the entirety of their choice to transgender.


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