George Floyd Protests Assignment

George Floyd Protests Assignment

On May 25, 2020, the world was treated to gory images of a man who lost his life in the most inhuman and making it even more painful is that he died under the hands of the people who are supposed to protect him. CCTV captured the footage of the incidents in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and others by the bystanders. The images would later surface up, and the name of the man who underwent the agony was identified as George Floyd, who persistently died while pleading for his life while citing that he could not breathe. The images of the police officers who strangled Floyd spread far and wide across the globe, leading to a spark and uproar with people citing that the officers involved should be made to face the wrath and the full force of the law. What followed after were protests which led to millions of people pouring into the streets and towns, citing that systemic racism should be brought to an end, not just in the United States.

George Floyd death: What to know about the police officers - Los Angeles  TimesTanno, Sophie. "New Video Shows George Floyd Being Dragged Out Of His Car." Mail Online, 2020.

This up-close shot shows a Police officer identified by Derek Chauvin’s name strangling George Floyd by kneeling on his neck while his hands were tied at the back. It was extremely difficult for George Floyd to help himself out in this position, which subsequently saw him die slowly and in agony. This picture was extremely vital in bringing to light the vice of systemic racism, which has plagued the United States from time immemorial. Many people have lost their lives under the hands of the officers entrusted with protecting their lives. The picture is momentous in that it

was the origin of the spark of the ‘black Lives Matter’ protest, which continued for several months, calling out the law enforcement officers to bring to an end brutal acts, especially to the people of color.

Protesters are shot with pepper spray as they confront police over George Floyd's death in Minneapolis Minnesota on May... Ecarma, Caleb. "George Floyd Protests Reveal America At A Boiling Point." Vanity Fair, 2020.

This is a medium shot photo showing the protesters being sprayed with pepper and confronting the police while still protesting about George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in Minnesota. In this exact city, George Floyd was killed. The police were barring the protestors from undertaking their activities, citing that they were disrupting and making the city chaotic. Protesters gather in a call for justice for George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 28 May. McGill, Chris. "George Floyd Killing: Fires Erupt In Minneapolis As U.S. Rocked By Third Night Of Protests." The Guardian, 2020.

This is a long shot captured in Minneapolis showing the protestors holding placards dubbed ‘I can’t breathe,’ Black Lives Matter,’ ‘End Police Brutality. The message that resonated among these protestors is the urge to bring to an end police brutality that is more particularly directed towards people of color George Floyd Protests Assignment.

Protests in Minneapolis grow after George Floyd's death | TheHill

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This is an up-close shot showing three women with handwritten placards emphasizing the message that people of color, as much as the whites, matter and should be treated with the dignity they deserve. The message was to advocate for the end of systemic racism and brutal police action, which has been witnessed in the past especially targeting African Americans. Yucel, Kerem. "Protests In Minneapolis Over Death Of George Floyd After Arrest – In Pictures." The Guardian, 2020.

This is a wide shot showing protestors holding fists in the air, which is the Black Lives Matter movement’s expression. The protestors gathered in demand of justice and actions to book the perpetrators of the heinous act of killing unarmed people without sufficient grounds. The protestors were also seen chanting ‘Black Lives Matter,’ which was the only way to make the message get to the legislators and the government to force them to act swiftly.