Global Warming & Sea Turtles Assignment

Global Warming & Sea Turtles Assignment

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Impact of climate change on Green Sea Turtle.

The Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) is one of the species that has been severely affected by climate change through an increase in temperature in the ocean. The organism depends on temperature for sex determination; hence the organism is highly sensitive to slight temperature (Yadav). An increase in global temperature results in a rise of temperature around the nests of green turtles hence changes in sex ratio through increased female offspring. This change has been recorded in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s largest nesting areas for Green Sea Turtles (Yadav). Therefore, an increase in global temperature might severely affect the Green Sea Turtle, male populations, affecting their ability to reproduce in the future, hence decreasing total populations Global Warming & Sea Turtles Assignment.

Dwindling Green Sea Turtle populations will negatively affect seagrasses, algae, numerous sea plants, and other animals, including fish (Yadav). The turtles graze on the seagrass, making it healthy, hence more productive. The seagrass provides a nursery for other invertebrates and fish, essential in ocean ecosystems, and as a source of food for humans (Yadav). Through consuming and releasing the undigested material into the ocean, the turtle help in recycling nutrients through feeding algae and other plants and animals in the sea.

In my opinion, the impact of climate change on the Green Sea Turtle might contribute to the extinction of the species in the long run. As shown above, the continued hatching of female turtles in place of male turtles might affect reproduction hence their populations. Therefore, the issue needs to be addressed by working to control and reduce climate change. However, since this might be complicated, contemporary methods of controlling sex determination might be adopted. For example, harvesting the turtles’ eggs and hatching in a controlled environment with temperatures allows hatching of both male and female baby Green Sea Turtles.

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