Graph from Slope-Intercept Form Essay

Graph from Slope-Intercept Form Essay

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Algebra: Video Discussion.

Question 1: Title.

The video is titled "Graph from slope-intercept equation example, Algebra" and is presented by Khan Academy.

Question 2: Summary.

The video explains how to find the slope of the graph. It starts by explaining the meaning of the y-intercept and describes how an individual can calculate the y-intercept when given specific values. The video explains that y-intercept on the value or point at which the y-axis crosses the x-axis. It presents what can be said to be a formula that can be used to find the y-intercept, that is y = 1/3x + b (Khan Academy.). It also explains that the y-intercept, which is indicated by y in the formula, is mostly equal to the value of b because x is usually a constant of 0 in many graphs. Therefore, the y-intercept is equal to b or the value of b. From the video, the y-intercept can be negative or positive. The video goes ahead to explain the meaning and significance of 1/3 in the formula and identifies the value as the slope of the y-axis (Khan Academy.). The slope also presents a formula, which is 1/3 = change in y/ change in x. In the video, several values are assigned, and a calculation of the slope comes up with three points, which give a new slope of the graph Graph from Slope-Intercept Form Essay.

Question 3: Critique.

In my opinion, the most significant piece of information from the video is how to identify the slope and calculate it from a set of values. I was familiar with the y-intercept and how to calculate the y-intercept. However, I was not familiar with the meaning of 1/3 in the formula (Khan Academy.). I did not understand the formula for finding the slope of the graph and how to use it. The video addressed this and offered an example of values that enabled the drawing of a slope almost perpendicularly to the y-axis.

Question 4: Critique and suggestion.

The video fails to explain the meaning of coordinates (0, -2) and its role in a graph. The first value, 0, represents the x value, and -2 represents the y value. The calculation of slope leads to a ratio or coordinate that gives a point on the graph. A combination of points gives a line that shows the slope of the graph. The coordinate is essential in drawing graphs and is responsible for whether a graph is a line graph or a curved graph.

The video was very brief and did not include an example in question form to promote understanding of how to calculate the y-intercept and the graph’s slope. Since questions on the y-intercept and the slope of a graph are not always direct, an example in question form would be necessary as it would highlight an example of tricks used in questions. This would also help students learn how to arrange their work to ensure easy marking and assigning marks in examinations. A good understanding of the two issues that the video has discussed is crucial because they are just an introduction to graphs and algebra. The application of the y-intercept and slope of the graph is expected to increase and diversify; hence a more in-depth understanding of their calculation and application at the primary stages will play an essential role in the future.

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