I need a response or feedback on the below Answer: Question: Throughout your program- you have engaged with a variety of leadership theories- models- and concepts. As you embark on implementing your c 2

I need a response or feedback on the below Answer:

Question: Throughout your program, you have engaged with a variety of leadership theories, models, and concepts. As you embark on implementing your capstone, which theory, model, or concept has been the most helpful, and why? Did this change from your initial brainstorming or outline?

Answer: There are several concepts that I have gravitated towards over the course of this program such as conscious capitalism and servant leadership. But two theories that I have used to guide me during this project include transformational leadership theory and adaptive leadership. Transformational leadership theory’s is where a leader is someone who can inspire others to accomplish things through their vision. According to Northouse, (2019) this type of leader is aware of the needs and motives of their followers and tries to help them reach their full potential. These leaders are great because they inspire, empower others, are trustworthy and help satisfy other’s needs. When leaders listen to their employees and value their input, people feel appreciated and will be more willing to contribute. Commitment to the growth of people is important aspect because it helps people expand their knowledge and stay engaged. Adopting a leadership philosophy that is resilient and effective are important when trying to maintain employees who are loyal and productive while balancing profits, this becomes challenging for leaders (Carter & Baghurst, 2013).

Adaptive leadership is completely different than other leadership models. According to Northouse, (2019) the goal of an adaptive leader is to encourage people to change and to learn new ways of living so that they may effectively meet their challenges and grow in the process (p.258). The advantages of being an adaptive leader is anyone can be an adaptive leader because there isn’t a specific trait it’s a process of working together, you must constantly think outside of the box so you can face new challenges, change is a given, the leader looks for different input, so it helps with diversity, and it puts people in a position to use their strengths. Change is inevitable and more frequent than ever before so; it is imperative to accept change and start thinking of ways to build for the future.

The most important take away for me is making sure to gather others feedback, this is a huge part of my project to ensure we are meeting the needs of others. Also embracing change and making sure that even though change will not always be easy, as a leader it is important to help others adapt to the change and help them understand the change.


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