Importance of Close Reading of Stories Paper

Art of fiction.


"Reading a Story" presents the importance of close reading of stories. The author demonstrates that reading might be more cumbersome than watching a movie, but it does not mean reading is less interesting. This is evident at the beginning of the chapter, where the author presents a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who wishes that life would be three thousand years long after reading a good book. The chapter is keen on discussing various writing elements key in building on close attention, which is central in close reading. Readers are only able to enjoy reading through close reading, which is illustrated by their dedication to learning about what takes place next in the story Importance of Close Reading of Stories Paper.In "Reading a Story," the author demonstrates the use of imagery, symbolism, suspense, and close attention to facilitate close reading.

First, the fiction ends up being more interesting because they present stories that are based on facts that might or might not be true but tend to resonate with the reader’s mind in a more cohesive manner that ends up making the story more interesting. Many stories are written by eyewitnesses who tend to apply imagery to give the reader a picture of the actual life or event, which tends to be more interesting than a narration of the actual events. Through close reading, readers can identify these aspects of the story and visualize the experiences, which is interesting and satisfying (Chopin, pg. 5). Close reading helps readers to think like the characters since they can take a glance and perform an analysis on the hearts and minds of the characters Importance of Close Reading of Stories Paper.At times, readers understand characters in a more in-depth manner than close family members and friends.

Second, stories tend to satisfy the human curiosity that occurs naturally about other peoples’ lives where it is real or just a creation of imagination and how the lives unfold. This reason tends to make stories interesting and is the key reason why the stories are included in many modern-day entertainments such as films, cartoons, and video games. These stories are interesting because they describe simple and predictable life events that people tend to relate to. Through critical analysis of this kind of stories, readers can identify life lessons that they can apply to make their lives better or more interesting (Chopin, pg. 6). Other stories tend to create entertainment and engage readers, which creates comfort and satisfaction. However, some stories intended to create entertainment for the readers are also aimed at teaching lessons about life. Other stories are aimed at challenging readers by igniting them to think critically about their lives and issues that affect them directly or indirectly hence develop more suitable and important ways of responding to them. These stories tend to tell a story from another dimension or focus on mysteries about human lives, which gives the reader another way of thinking about a set of issues. These three types of stories utilize a combination of literary elements such as imagery, symbolism, rhetorical questions, among others Importance of Close Reading of Stories Paper. Readers are only able to identify these aspects of stories through critical analysis, which is only achieved after close reading.

Lastly, close reading helps a reader to apply close attention, which is key through facilitating engagement with the story. A key element in reading that shows that a reader can apply close attention entails the push to know what takes place next to or the story’s ending. Stories can ignite close attention mainly through suspense, which keeps the reader grilled to the story and always in need of knowing what to expect. One way that authors use to create suspense is through controlling what the readers get to know about the events taking place in the story (Chopin, pg. 7). Authors may apply this technique and end the chapters of their stories at certain critical points, which leaves the reader with questions about what takes place next. Writers also create suspense by ensuring that stories are not predictable at all through the unexpected unfolding of events of the story. This gives the story an element of surprise that makes the reader pay close attention not to miss any story. Therefore, stories utilize literary elements such as suspense to ignite close attention from the reader, which is crucial in close reading.


In conclusion, close reading is achieved through close attention, which is only possible by using literacy elements such as imagery, symbolism, and suspense. This helps the stories to be more interesting, and readers can resonate with them compared to other forms of entertainment such as films and video games Importance of Close Reading of Stories Paper.Close reading is important since it helps readers to identify themes and the goals of the writers. Some stories are designed to create entertainment, others are designed to ignite critical thinking about issues in the lives of the readers or the environment, and others are just aimed at expanding the readers’ view about life in general.

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