Importance of staff education in healthcare Paper

Applying Performance Improvement Tools

The implemented strategies were efficient in developing sustainable change in the nursing unit. Notably, part of the strategy was founded on educating the nurses. Through education, they got to acquire additional skills to help in the performance improvement. Pain management strategies were integrated where the team and patients were taught concerning the management of the program. The combined strategies were bond to help enhance the team’s performance, so the nurses were trained to be equipped with the best skills to help during the performance improvement Importance of staff education in healthcare. The nurse manager or CNO can count on the unit to exceed the national benchmark in the upcoming quarter. The run chart has predictive abilities. It shows the extent to which the nurses are prepared. With the strategies integrated, the manager can be assured of better performance since the nurses are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to enhance their performance. According to Cui et al. (2018), development programs are essential for nursing because they help nurses increase their knowledgebase, which translates into positive healthcare performance. With part of the strategy as nurses’ education, the manager should be confident enough that the nurse unit team will perform and exceed the national benchmark Importance of staff education in healthcare.

The run chart supports the nursing decision to celebrate. A run chart is a graph with data plotted over a specific period that helps identify patterns and processes, as noted by Rule et al. (2018). According to the run chart, the pattern has been increasing steadily; this move is worth celebrating since the nursing unit has managed to go beyond the trends that were set previously. The chart shows an increasing trend that is promising to the entire organization. With the appropriate strategies integrated, the trend will continue. The nurses should celebrate because their efforts have paid off, as indicated by the increase in performance over time. The leadership can be confident that the trend will last because of the quality improvement plan integrated that has helped shape the current trend.

Education of nurses and the use of pain assessments were done well. Improvement was required in communication, knowledge about pain management, as well as documentation of pain medication. Communication within healthcare is vital at every step of the way (Sibiya, 2018). In the absence of effective communication, the nursing unit fails to be effective. Meaningful pain assessment and documentation plus roper communication were the leading performance tools integrated. These tools contributed to better outcomes because the information was documented and analyzed to develop proper strategies Importance of staff education in healthcare.


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