In what ways has the West influenced and shaped the cultural- political and economic experience of Asian Americans and vice versa STEPS TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT: If you were unable to attend the live

In what ways has the West influenced and shaped the cultural, political and economic experience of Asian Americans and vice versa?


If you were unable to attend the live workshop session on Creating IDs for Essays, please review the recorded Zoom session from class on 9/22.

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  1. Figure out what the historical question is really asking by identifying keywords. Keep in mind context, who, when, audience and that your answer discusses how things changed over time.
  2. Review sources

    • Review relevant secondary sources – Secondary sources are interpretations. These include textbook readings & class lectures.
    • Review primary sources – 1st hand accounts from the past. You will find them in your folder readings
    • How do I know what evidence to use and where to find it?

      • Since the historical question is about Reconstruction, locate all textbook material,  primary sources, and class sessions on Reconstruction.
      • Use all relevant sources from textbook, class sessions and primary sources
  3. Your group will create at least 5 IDs (identification terms)

    • 1 or more ID from textbook readings, 1 or more ID from primary sources, 1 or more ID from lecture/class sessions that cover the question topic, in this case indigenous & European contact
    • IDs can be people, events, places, documents, paintings, books, songs, ideas, rituals, religion or cultural things.
    • Be sure you have at least one ID that answers each part of the essay question
    • Each ID must include the following information

      1. Who or what (tests content – SLO 1) – For example, smallpox, was an infectious disease that contributed to millions of deaths of indigenous peoples in the Americas.
      2. When (tests content – SLO 1) – closer you get the better, but within a decade if it’s a specific date. If it’s an idea like Manifest Destiny or person that lasts more than a decade using a range is accurate, like mid-late 19th century
      3. Significance to U.S. History (tests critical thinking – SLO 2)

        • Explain how this ID answers the question
        • Explain how your answer is a political, economic, or cultural analysis

          • Political Analysis – Who has authority and power ? How did they get, maintain that power? Who’s trying to get more power. Whether it’s in your family, place of worship, school, circle of friends, neighborhood, or country.
          • Economic Analysis –  How are resources distributed collectively? Resources can mean money, jobs, shelter, food, water, land, education, healthcare, etc
          • Cultural Analysis – How do groups decide who is part of the group and who is outside the group? This is not limited to ethnic culture, but includes race, gender, class, or any self defined group. So this about how identity and community are created & change.
    • For help creating an ID, See Creating IDs Workshop (recorded)
  4. Grading Rubric

    • Review the rubric before you complete the assignment so you can see what the expectations are.
    • Also review your rubric results to see your score on the different areas and my comments and feedback. Instructions on how to view rubric results (Links to an external site.).