In your essay The Way Forward integrate some of the essential aspects the whole series (3 videos) on Greta Thunberg- (links below) Greta Links:

In your essay “The Way Forward” integrate some of the essential aspects the whole series (3 videos) on Greta Thunberg, (links below)

  • Greta Links:

  • For the essay, summarizing as per syllabus:

    1. What are the central issues, challenges and opportunities related to sustainability that are most relevant to organizations- for profit and not-for-profit, today?
    2. What is being done that is worthy of recognition?
    3. What more could organizations be doing?
    4. What can we do about the challenges of sustainability for each team member, for families and for future generations?
  • Using the course readings, dialogues and media as a basis, and the Greta videos write a comprehensive essay (approximately 1500 words) on the challenges of sustainability on an individual, organizational and collective level. Your essay should ideally reflect the insights have you gained about sustainability and its meaning, as related to you, the organizations you work for now and in the future, and the society in which you live.  It should indicate, given the challenge of sustainability, how individuals can make a difference in their own life and how you– the presenting individual or team– can contribute to the quality of your life and of the lives of those who come after you.
  • Your essay should i

    nclude at least 5 meaningful and original references to the course readings, using the three main course text (a minimum of one reference must be included from each text, and up to three total from any one text)

    .  These references should be appropriately footnoted, and clearly indicate insights and perspectives that have not been discussed in any detail in the Voicethread dialogues.  Explain your points clearly and give specific reference to source material when you use the thoughts or writings of others.

Use these books:

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