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Which do you think would be most beneficial for the prosecutor and which for the accused? Why do you think

The provision that would be most beneficial for a prosecutor is Art. 1.16. which allows for liberty of speech and press. This provision holds that all individuals have the liberty to speaking, writing and publishing their opinions on any matter; however they will be responsible in case of an abuse of the provision. The provision also maintains that no law should ever be passed to curtail the liberty of press and speech.  The provision also allows that in case of prosecution following the publication of papers that investigate the conduct of individuals holding public offices and when the information is proper for public information, the truth can be given as evidence. This provision is beneficial for prosecutors as it allows them to freely and openly contribute to matters of interest without being influenced by other parties. Prosecutors usually represent that interest of the state; thus, they are likely to be influenced by those with higher powers. However, with this provision, they cannot be coerced to communicate or present opinions they do not agree with (Sklansky, 2018).

For the accused, the provision that would be beneficial is the right to representation by counsel. This provision holds that the accused is entitled to be represented by counsel in any judicial proceedings. The right to representation by a counsel also includes private consultations in advance to help prepare for the proceeding adequately. For individuals who cannot afford to pay for counsel, they are entitled to have an attorney appointed to represent them if the proceedings can lead to confinement or other forms of punishment.  The provision is beneficial to the accused as it ensures that they receive the necessary advice they need during the trial and increases the chances of a fair trial. Representation by counsel also ensures that the accused can provide adequate defense, which is a key determinant for the success of the trial (Backus, 2018).


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