Learning English for the First Time Narrative Essay

A Narrative about Learning English for the First Time


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Going to an international school was not an easy task at first. I knew I would encounter multiple challenges, especially since I was in a school where English was the only learning language. Everyone, including the students, addressed one another using the English language. My main issue was communicating and adapting to the new environment. As an international student, communication was my biggest challenge, but I was determined to develop a solution by learning the English language within the shortest time possible. I know this sounds, and it sounded impossible back then, but I believed and continue to think that where the mind goes, the body follows too, and the only barrier to success, my success, can only be myself. Being part of a new environment, I knew I was a visitor who was in the quest to satisfy his thirst for education, and I did not have any other choice since education is the only way out of ignorance. Therefore, I had nothing else to do but focus on my studies, starting with learning English as my second language. I was committed and developed my essential goals since they guided me until I had sufficient mastery of the language to communicate with friends and teachers and write appropriate academic essays. 

When I got to my school for the first time, I was not surprised since I was prepared for a communication challenge. Nonetheless, I was astonished by how hard it was during the first few weeks because I was not used to the language, and learning it as an adult was not that simple either due to many commitments. My early days were challenging, but an angel came along my way in the form of a teacher and a student, who became my friend after the first three weeks. This was when my journey to learning proper English began. The teacher was willing to help me read and write and even offered me the number to consult her whenever I had an issue. Although teachers are helpful, this one went out and beyond the ordinary to see me prosper. As I recall, she told me she was impressed by my overzealous need to be a part of an international system to advance my education, which was an element she did not see with many individuals, especially those who had the opportunity and every resource to advance their studies. The friendship developed with one of the students who had English as his first language was beneficial since with him as a friend, I could ask anything and spend many hours communicating, which was an effective way to put my skills to the test.

The process of learning English was relatively straightforward after I acquired assistance from the teacher and my friend. This affected learning positively. With my friend, we could have conversations using the English language. Notwithstanding, we used the common words that children began using when learning how to communicate, those words whose meanings were direct. We also did multiple exercises that could help me read and write. During our free time, we could read books. I read different books aloud as my friend listened to me and corrected me whenever I made a mistake. The teacher gave me various exercises that required me to read, understand, and provide answers. After completing my tasks, I could forward them to her using one of her emails, and she would later provide me with appropriate feedback with comments on the work I wrote. The English learning process was effective, especially after the teacher began giving me essays to write.

One of the essay papers that was helpful in my English learning process was about the benefits of technology in school. As the topic suggests, this was an essay topic to write. All the same, it was challenging for me, not in terms of the research but instead the mechanics. Every language has a set of rules that should be followed when writing. I had acquired sufficient mastery of my first language, which made it a bit challenging when writing the English essay since I incorporated the mechanics into the report. I had various grammatical mistakes, and my sentences were difficult to follow due to the errors and lack of appropriate organization. This was my transformation essay since the teacher gave me sufficient notes and feedback concerning every area I made a mistake. The feedback for this paper was provided face-to-face, which made the learning process more straightforward. Furthermore, to enhance my skills, the teacher provided me with English learning materials to guide me in my learning journey. She also recommended some technological tools, such as Duolingo, to learn English when alone. The use of materials and technological tools supplemented my learning. I was determined to understand the basics of the language within a short time. The availability of these materials was fundamental in polishing up some areas I had a great weakness when learning. My teacher provided several evaluation assessments that aided in identifying my areas of weaknesses. I used to write different essays on different topics, and through each essay, I learned a new aspect that has been paramount in my successful reading and writing journey. 

With everything I have learned in my past, I think English learning is not a challenging task. Learning English is all about identifying the main rules that govern the language and identifying the alphabet. When writing an English essay, the first thing any students need to understand is the sentence structure. This is the first thing I was taught by my teacher and friend, how to form an appropriate sentence in English. Additionally, commitment is fundamental in learning. Learners need to be committed. When learning English as a beginner, I was committed, and I knew exactly what I wanted. I had some objectives that could guide me through my learning journey. I believe learning English is easier because of the exposure one gets. For instance, almost half of the earth’s population uses English. Many of the international movies and songs are all written using the English language. Watching and listening to these movies helps one learn some new vocabulary and use them in sentences. In my quest to learn English, I watched a lot of movies and especially those with subtitles since they helped me understand the translations to English. Like other subjects, mastery comes from increased practice. Practice makes perfect. I have perfected and continue perfecting my English language through constant communication with friends and various word games such as puzzles. At the beginning, I practiced reading and writing English with my friends, the teacher and an application such as Duolingo that translated English to my native language to help me understand the meaning of the phrase in question. I also wrote numerous short essays that helped me correct my grammatical mistakes and any other mistakes noted by my teacher and friend. In the absence of practice, learning English becomes a hectic task. Essay writing helps a lot during the English learning process. During this period, I learned how to develop appropriate sentences and avoid grammatical mistakes, particularly in writing. I think and believe this journey is easy when proper support and vigor are involved. Teachers and students need to collaborate for positive learning outcomes, and I am a product of such collaboration.